we are

Patrick Wegener and Lukas Jung, a team of two Hamburg based filmmakers.
As kids of the 90’s we both developed our passion for images and storytelling on our own ways. After school we went through several internships and freelance jobs on set, in rentals and production houses – turning our passion into a profession.

Working on several projects together, assisting each other’s work, we recognized our similar visual style and our matching ways of approaching a story and decided to work as a team. With the establishment of weyoung in early 2015, we combined our two minds as a duo, mainly working on commercial films – which has led to acknowledgement throughout the industry.

Despite our young age we’ve come to know the branch, with all its routines and demands. Combine this with our fresh approach to projects and you’ll get us – weyoung.

Represented by Fröhlich Management.